Expat in Europe: I Ride a Bicycle to Work

Model_Courtney Williams. (Photo credit: Daniel Krieger) black-woman-professional-riding-bicycle-travelwanderwish

So What?

Close your mouths.

Quit gawking!

OK Good, that’s out of the way.

I recently told a bunch of my Jamaican friends that I ride a bicycle to work and they pretty much flipped out! They laughed so hard and/or were in such shock at this bit of news.

I pedal 4km total in heels. ©2013, Diedre McLeod

You remember that “5 Reasons I’m Becoming More French” blog I posted some time ago? WELL this pretty much trumps ALL of that.I have been in this country waayyyy too long.

There is a bus that stops directly in front of my office but I choose to ride a bike. I say things like “it’s healthy” or “it’s exercise” or “I can get some air” or “it’s environmentally friendly” etc etc. for why I’m riding a bicycle to work.

Three years ago I would not have uttered such words. That would have been crazy talk. But I continue to ride my bicycle. Pedal away. I find they are pretty darn good reasons to ride my bicycle. I don’t mind this European culture that’s rubbing off.

ok OK…maybe that was a little premature, talking about how I “like European culture of riding bicycles.”

Truth be told…

I die several deaths riding uphill for 30mins every morning. Many deaths!

I am so unfit, my muscles officially hate me. It’s literally an uphill battle getting to work. Worst 30 minutes of my life that I have cursed myself to relive over and over. BUT it’s voluntary!

Tell me why I do this? Well it’s partly because my waistline is expanding exponentially and I need to put a stop to it.

However, truthfully, I quite like riding my bicycle to work in the mornings (and evenings).



So do pardon my absence from the blog…I was recuperating 😉



7 thoughts on “Expat in Europe: I Ride a Bicycle to Work

  1. After the kick in the butt u give me about writing (among other things) riding is NO excuse not to blog, missy. Bout damn time. Brain needs to keep fit too. Anyhoo…pimp my ride France edition is a good look!


  2. Having just been to Amsterdam, I'd say I've never seen so many bikes in a city. France has nothing on those dutch.


  3. LOL! After living here for over four years, it was in my third year that I decided to get a bike myself and practise the whole bike riding to places as I see the French do… My bike is currently sitting in the garage unused; still haven't worked up the courage to use it for reasons other than going around the block a few times so kudos to you! 🙂


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