The Year We Almost Ruined Christmas in France

First things first….

Yup, tis the season and we almost ruined it!

My neighbours/landlords (they are the best) and I spent Christmas together this year. We had such a blast together last year that we decided to do it again.

Unbeknownst to their kids, Diedre was in the process of ruining Xmas for all lol smh *sigh*

That’s right folks

travelwanderwish_Christmas ruined
We almost ruined Christmas 2013 #travelwanderwish

That’s right folks…I totally forgot that the French have Christmas dinner on Christmas EVE.

About 4 hours before dinnertime, I was reminded that I offered to cook the main meal of – wait for it – Jamaican Oxtail & Rice n Peas. Kill me now!

If you dunno about the cooking time of any of these things, let’s just say it’s LOOOOOOONG.

I went into a panic-stricken pace in the garden, muttering/shouting “please tell me you have a pressure cooker!?”

She did.

I exhaled.

Then I SEMI-BURNED the oxtail FIVE MINUTES before it was done.
Ok. OK. You can’t really “semi-burn” anything. I mean once it’s burnt it’s burnt, right? But this was like a 1st degree burn lol. Some of the meal was/could be salvaged.

They licked their fingers and went for seconds and thirds. Polite souls. Bless their hearts, they did not know what they were missing in a real oxtail meal…thank God! To be fair, it was edible. That’s about it though *covers face*

I will not be posting photos, thank you very much.

I DO have a fiery little video of our dessert…Flambéed Baked Alaska aka Bombe Alaska or as the French call it Omelette à la Norvégienne (Norwegian Omelette).


So tell me WanderWishers, have you ever had any Christmas scares? Or near-misses cooking dinner? How did you fix it?



2 thoughts on “The Year We Almost Ruined Christmas in France

  1. lol. if they had second and third servings it must have been good! lol. I had curried goat, ham, baked chicken, fish, potato salads, rice and peas and sorrel. n the best thing is i didnt not cook a thing! it was yummy. but me still bad mind ur oxtail.

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