My First Time Eating Colombian Food

Estoy en Colombia! Yep you read that right…I’m in Colombia babyyyyyy 🙂

estoy en colombia - travelwanderwish
First hour in Bogota, Colombia – ©2014, Diedre McLeod

So a little while back, I had to move from France because ish did not work out. This is sad…I miss France and I still have not processed it 😦

But life goes on and we I moved on…right on to Colombia !

Ok Ok, I may have started off with a bit of humblebragging excitement but I am truly grateful to be able to travel and experience different cultures. I have had the privilege of living on 4 different continents so far:

  1. North America/The Caribbean
  2. Europe/France
  3. Asia/India
    and now
  4. South America/Colombia

I have learnt so much about myself, my beliefs, what I thought I believed but really don’t, my core strengths and on and on. I firmly believe living abroad is one of the best ways to grow. You really find yourself…but only if you take the time and effort to immerse yourself in the new culture. Otherwise, there is no point…you will leave the same way you came.

But finding yourself – though always a good thing in the end – isn’t always a wonderful feeling or process. Sometimes you realise how much of an ungrateful person you have been. Or sometimes you realise how much discriminating stereotypes you’ve digested from your own culture.

I have personally had to debunk a bunch of junk Jamaica and its elitist ways brainwashed me with.

It’s a process and the more culturally diverse people you meet, the more you grow, the more tolerant you become.

You will also be surprised at the odd random habits you pick up along the way.

I’m sure there will be some random habits I adopt while I’m in Colombia.

But first I’ve got to start the immersion process 😉

My First Week in Colombia

  • I can’t breath! No, not the sadness that is happening in the USA right now (RIP Eric Garner). I literally could not breath. The altitude darn well nearly killed me. I moved to a small town just an hour away from Bogota (capital of Colombia). Little did I remember that Bogota is an elevated city situated at about 2640 metres (8661feet) above sea level.Poor me decided to run up the stairs – you know since I’m all wellness and health these days. Weellll fourteen steps nearly knocked me out! Took me right back to the time I climbed 1500 steps in India. LOL my host family had a mini panic attack thinking I was going to collapse right there in front of them…death, I tell you! Beware the altitude smh!
If you know me and/or have been following this blog, then you know I’m all about the…
  • Food!

la Molienda Restaurant - travelwanderwish

Of course I had to go dining out my first week…you know this!!! So off we went to a La Molienda…a restaurant selling traditional Colombian food. Soooooo much food 🙂 I ate and ate and ate! I haven’t quite gotten accustomed to Colombian food as yet. For now it’s kinda good yet kinda bland and kinda weird.

Let’s chow down !

Churassco - la molienda restaurant - travelwanderwish
Traditional grilled beef with potatoes – ©2014, Diedre McLeod 


ajiaco con pollo - colombian food - travelwanderwish
Ajiaco con Pollo
My fave dish so far! It is a corn and potato soup with chicken, rice and avocado (you’re supposed to mix it altogether in the soup) – ©2014, Diedre McLeod 


Basically fried beef entrails with a hot sauce (it’s sounds yucky but it’s quite good) – ©2014, Diedre McLeod 


bandeja paisa - colombian food - travelwanderwish
Bandeja Paisa: Colombian blood sausage, chicharon (fried pork skin), red beans, fried sweet plantains and rice with eggs cracked over it. My take: Bandeja Paisa is ok tasting…not digging the egg on rice thing at the moment. – ©2014, Diedre McLeod


  • It’s always chilly in my city. Bogota and it’s surrounding communes are cold all year round. I don’t mind really. I’ll take a nice sunny temperature of 15-18°C any day over Jamaica’s way too hot+humid 30°C constant. I get to wear sexy boots but no need to bulk up in heavy winter jackets. And NO SWEAT…yesssssss!
Let the adventures begin!



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