Visit Kingston’s Secret Waterfall and Hidden Gem: Falling Edge Waterfall

Nestled in the cool cool hills of Stony Hill is Falling Edge Waterfall. Located just 30 minutes from Manor Park, Falling Edge is truly one of Kingston’s best kept secret. With its crystal clear waters, the falls is little known to locals and tourist alike.

Yes, yes. I know I’m ‘letting the cat out the bag’ but it is a must-do for anyone travelling in and around Kingston.

Falling Edge Waterfall, otherwise known as Bowden Hill Falls, is about 40 feet high and cascades into a refreshing natural pool. It’s not deep enough for diving but you can wade easily, float and get close to the falls itself. Non-swimmers can also enjoy the water as it is shallow enough to stand in most places. The water is a little chilly but you will quickly adjust after taking a dip and splashing about for a few minutes. The water is nice, clean and clear.

Photo of hidden waterfall in Kingston, Jamaica, called Falling Edge Waterfall or Bowden Hill Falls,
Falling Edge Waterfall / Bowden Hill Falls, Kingston Jamaica. ©2018, Diedre McLeod

When it comes to waterfalls and water adventures in Jamaica, Kingston does not rank high on the list. I mean it only took me a few decades to find out there was a proper waterfall right here in Kingston and St. Andrew parish lol.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this little gem hidden in the hills.

Enjoying this gem. ©2018, Diedre McLeod

It is a perfect spot to take a dip and get away from noisy city life on the weekend. If you go there early, you are most likely to have the whole place to yourself. My friends and I got there at around 9:45am on a Sunday and we had a blast frolicking by ourselves.

Falling Edge Waterfall, Kingston, Jamaica.
Frolicking with friends at Falling Edge Waterfall. Kingston/St.Andrew, Jamaica. ©2018, Diedre McLeod.

What to Bring on Your Trip

Your swimsuit and towel of course hahaha! Ok so that’s a no-brainer. Here are a few useful tips about what you can bring on your trip to Falling Edge Waterfall:

  • Insect Repellent – DO NOT FORGET THIS. Once you are out of the water, there are some pesky and persistent mosquitoes that will try to make a meal out of you. I’m usually the first to get devoured by river gnats so I make a habit of taking insect repellent with me on every trip.
  • Water – You may get a little tired after your hike so it’s a good idea to take some drinking water with you to re-hydrate. The water at the falls is clear and glorious but I would not recommend drinking it.
  • Sneakers – Although its an easy hike, you may want to wear sneakers for this one. It will be more comfortable than walking in flip-flops or sandals.
  • Light Snacks – Unless you are planning to make a picnic out of it, some light snacks like plantain chips, pretzels, granola or protein bar should do the trick. On your way back, stop by Manor Centre for lunch and try out the quaint little Vietnamese restaurant called Vietnam 4U. They sell delicious authentic Vietnamese food like banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) or Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). I highly recommend the Pho…it’s yummy yummy goodness!

If you are planning on having a picnic then there is a dry spot nearby the falls with some boulders that you can turn into a makeshift sitting area.

Sitting pretty by the falls.  ©2018, Diedre McLeod

REMINDER: Make sure to clean up after your visit! #NuhDuttyUpJamaica

Directions: How to Find Falling Edge Waterfall

The easiest way to get to the Falling Edge Falls is via the Bowden Hill School. Getting there is really simple.

From Manor Park, head to Stony Hill Square and turn right at the Tastee Patties restaurant. Continue along until you see a turn off to go to Airie Castle…make that turn. Keep going along this road. Go pass Boone hall Oasis and pass Straun Castle as well. The road gets a little rocky here. Keep driving until you get to a dead end and you will see Bowden Hill School in front of you.

With the school facing you, take the narrow path on the left to get to the falls. You might see two paths here…take the one furthest from the school. It is an easy hike so don’t worry if this is your first time hiking.

15 easy minutes later and you have arrived!

I created a quick guide for you to use to find your way to Kingston and St. Andrew’s sweet escape. The city guide provides quick directions to Falling Edge Waterfall. Save it to your phone gallery or cloud to use later!


I really enjoyed my trip to Falling Edge Falls. I highly recommend it as a local weekend trip or a quick stopover if you are travelling in Kingston.

Enjoy the hike. Go for a refreshing swim. Revel in this hidden gem that Kingston has to offer.

The glorious Falling Edge waterfall
The glorious Falling Edge waterfall. ©2018, Diedre McLeod

Did you know about this waterfall? Is it on your WanderWishlist?



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