How to Fit 5 Years of Your Life Into a Suitcase

After 5 glorious years living as an expat in France, I had to pack up my life and move away. So how does one fit 5 years of life into a tiny suitcase?

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The Year We Almost Ruined Christmas in France


Now what’s that in the title?
Yup, tis the season and we almost ruined it!
My neighbours/landlords (they are the best) and I spent Christmas together this year. We had such a blast together last year that we decided to do it again…

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#TravelGames – How to Play French Bingo

♪ B-I-N-G-O…and Bingo was his name-O ♪ Ok Ok I’m stopping with my antics but doesn’t that song remind you of childhood? Did you guys sing that song in school like I did? When my french neighbours/landlords (love them to pieces…they’re the best!) invited me to bingo night at their kids’ school, I was game! […]

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