Travel Stopover in Kuwait City

I could not – would not – pass on this opportunity to see #oilmoney in action. But WOW Kuwait is… hmmm… how do I describe it? An elaborate mix of concrete and sand, with mini-hotels as houses.

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Jog Falls, India – Plunge Waterfalls of the World

Second trip in India!!!! Welcome to Jog Falls – India’s 2nd highest plunge waterfall – and it is found in my home state of Karnataka in southern India. The gang (4 French, 1 Colombian and a Jamaican) stayed “close” to home this weekend but of course we went touring. When I say “close” I’m speaking in what we jokingly […]

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A Wild Ride in an Auto-Rickshaw in India

Ah yes the famous Indian Auto Rickshaw. Auto rickshaw drivers, at least in my community in Mangalore, seem to be kindred spirits with the robot taxi drivers back home in Jamaica. Rickshaw drivers have done some of the most daring things I have seen in my life. Not to mention, the exposed structure of the auto rickshaw itself! And in my experience, something crazy usually happens every morning on my way to work. 

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Traumatic Bus Ride to Holy City, Hampi


Living in India has its perks and one of these is living with a group of expats who are as intrigued with the Indian landscape as you are. Every chance we get at a long weekend, we try to visit a new city. This week I travelled to Hampi – a famous holy city in the south of India. What could go wrong on a 12 hour bus ride?

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Groped on a Bus in India #MeToo

Nothing to make light of but not severe enough to make a big deal, but I moved to India and got quickly sexually harassed. I was making my way on the overnight bus from Mangalore to Hampi when:

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KFC Worldwide Food Challenge

As a Jamaican, I feel compelled to try out KFC in whatever country I’m in.

Now I’ve had KFC in Jamaica…this is a cultural, spiritual and patriotic rite of passage for all Jamaicans, Ok!? OK.  Other countries where I have gorged on KFC are the USA, UK, France and now India. These are my findings:

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Indian Festival – Sri Krishna Janmasthami


Last Sun-Mon was the Sri Krishna Janmashtami Festival for the celebration of the birth of one of Hindu Indians’ favourite god – Lord Krishna. I visited the neighbouring town of Udupi (1 hour by bus) to check out the festivities and such.

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“Change is the only constant” – Heraclitus

If someone had asked me, three years ago, what my future plans were it would never have included moving to France then moving to India. Looking back I realise…

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